Hey Everyone!

My name is Gene and I’ve always loved Movement since a young age. I’m originally from Chicago, IL and started playing soccer when I was 6 years old. Running and moving my body always came very natural to me. I didn’t start lifting weights until I was 20 years old. I have a very fast metabolism and don’t enjoy being really lean, I’m 6’2”. I always had this vision of gaining muscle, this was my Goal and why I started lifting weights. I had a barbell, squat rack, bench, some plates, and dumbbells from one of my Uncle’s at my parents house in my bedroom on their third floor. In my early twenties I would stay up there all day YouTubing different exercises. I wanted to learn how to perform them safely, and how I could put on muscle, while also getting Stronger. Allowing me to Reach my Goal I set for myself. I would Workout and Train up there and I would also go to our Family YMCA in Elmhurst, IL. I remember Training very hard and giving each Workout my absolute Best effort. As I began training and learning more about nutrition I could feel myself getting stronger and was watching my body transform. On my website I have a nice one year transformation photo. It's when I first started seriously and consistently lifting weights from the ages of 23 to 24 years old. This was right before I moved to Chicago, IL. It brought me so much joy to watch my body and mind transform. This was a Vision I had for myself and I made it Happen! Putting on the Muscle and Achieving my Goal gave me a tremendous amount of Confidence as well. Since I first started lifting weights I always remembered how it made me feel afterwards. I always felt and still do Feel so Happy from Training. I loved what Training does for me mentally, the endorphins I get from it and overall how Happy I am while doing it and afterwards.  I really Love Helping People and others too, this is why I became a Personal Trainer. I thought to myself I always had this Vision of putting on Muscle and Getting Stronger, and through Fun Hard Consistent Work I made it Happen. Now I want to Help others with any Health, Wellness, Fitness and Mental Goal they have. I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer in the fall of 2015. And in the Summer of 2015 I did my Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with CorePower Yoga. I’m a 250 Hour Vinyasa Certified Yoga Teacher. With us working Together I ultimately want to Help you Become the Best and Most Happy Version of Yourself. Working with me I’ll ask you how your nutrition is, how your sleep patterns and sleep schedule is, what visions you have for yourself in your lifetime, what makes you the most happy, and why you want to be Healthy and make Exercise and Movement a part of your Daily Life. I think these things are very important in life. Through Training and Exercising you’re actually adding years and years to your life. Through Exercise we’re lengthening the telomeres in our bodies, Telomeres are related to our DNA strands and cells in our body. As we age they become shorter and shorter, however through Exercise we can lengthen them. How Amazing is that! I started my Company Unstoppable Greatness in the fall of 2015. I’m a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, 250 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, and Group Training Specialist. I’ve Coached Classes for the Fitness Companies Orange Theory Fitness, F45, Burn 60 Studios in LA, and I’ve taught live Group Fitness Workouts for Polar (heart rate training company) at their Fitness Expos in San Diego, CA.

I’m really Grateful you’ve come across my page. I want to Help you with any Goal you have whether it be Fitness and Health related or anything you have blocking or stopping you Mentally. I have a Great personal story and have gained Life experience through some choices I made in my younger years. The ages of 19-23 we’re some really tough years for me. However they made me the person I am today and I don’t regret a single thing. I’m Here for you my friend we’re One Team when we Work Together. 

The Workouts we’re going to do Together are going to give you Energy, Confidence, and Help you Gain Back your Self Worth. Through Training with me you’ll Remember who You Really Are. And that is Unstoppable. No one can stop you in Life, but you yourself. It’s time we make these Shifts and Changes in your Behaviors and Habits so You Can Be the Best Version of Yourself. And I’m Here right by your Side Guiding You along the way. It’s Go time my Friend! 

I’m Available for in Person Training, Online Training, and have a Library Full of Various on Demand Workouts Tailored to Specific Goals. (Full Body Workouts, Upper Body Workouts, Lowery Body and Glutes, Abs, High Intensity, Bodyweight Only Workouts, and Dumbbell Resistance Training Workouts.)I’m Ready for you and I’m looking forward to Connecting with you, Let’s have you Live your Best Life!It’s Time to Show the World Your Greatness! 

Your Friend,

Gene Leonard (located in Santa Monica, California)
NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer
250 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist
NASM Group Training Specialist 


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